(+599) 9 6619743
(+599) 9 6619743

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Taxi service is readily available, with taxis most easily found in Otrobanda and Punda, as well as at the airport and on the curbside of most popular hotels throughout Curacao.  Taxis are easy to recognize, as they all have signs on top of their cars, and the license plate numbers always start with TX or Taxi. 
Taxi rates are standardized  by the government but few visitors to the island realize this. Rates are for one to four persons. Each aditional passanger (more than 4) ads 25% to the fare The standard fare is from 6 am to 11pm. Between 11 pm and 6 am the fares go up by 25%.

These are the official GOUVERNMENT fares from the Airport: To Marriott hotel area: $25,- To Willemstad Otrabanda hotel area: $30.- To Willemstad Punda hotel area: $35,- To the Seaquarium hotel area: $40.- To Jantiel hotel area: $50,- To the Santa barbara $70.- To the Westside Kura Hulanda Lodge: $70.-  The shortest ride with a taxi is $10,- and if you call for a taxi when you are at the hotel but when the taxi arrives, you don't need the taxi service anymore, you still have to pay $10.- So make sure you need a taxi. Other fares are: From The Marriott hotel area to Otrabanda $15.- Seaquarium area to Punda $16.-  Mega ship pier to Seaquqrium area $20.- Marriott to Seaquarium $25.- Marriott to Hato Caves $25.-. Fares to other destinations are known by the taxi driver. Tipping is allowed.  Some taxi drivers will give island tours in addition to taking visitors between destinations. The tour fare is $50.- per hour for one to four persons. For more information, e mail [email protected] for your exclusive taxi tansportation. Meyer and meyet is the best recomended taxi servicce in curacao with upscale cars for the same taxi fares and very safe drivers. See facbook. Search for Curacao Taxi andTours VIP.